Established in 1975, IFAPP works to advance the discipline of Pharmaceutical Medicine and Medicines Development as a profession to the benefit of patients and Public Health worldwide.

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National Member Associations

IFAPP is comprised of the leading professional associations in the fields of pharmaceutical medicine and medicines development. These National Member Associations pay dues to support IFAPP’s work and guide its efforts by participating in its working groups and naming representatives to IFAPP’s House of Delegates.

The National Member Associations are listed below in alphabetical order by continent and country.

Africa & Middle East

South Africa
South African Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians (SAAPP)
Founded: 1957


Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians (BAPP)
Founded: 2007
Flat #5/A, House # 374, Road # 5
Dhaka 1219
President and delegate: Hasan Mahmood

Indonesian Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians (PEDFI)
President: Budhy Damian Widjojo

Japanese Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine (JAPhMed)
Founded: 1968
Website: www.japhmed.jp
President: Kazuya Iwamoto
Delegate: Kihito Takahashi

Korean Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (KSPM)
Founded: 1995
#605 Ok Bldg., 11, SaeMunAn-5-Ga Gill NaeSu-Dong JongRo-Ku
110-070 SEOUL
Phone: +82 11 307 7809
e-mail: kspm01@gmail.com
Website: www.kspm.org
President: Cho, SungJa
Delegate:  Kwon, Yong-Chol

Pakistan Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians (PAPP)
Founded: 1996
65/1-C Block 6
75400 PECHS, Karachi
Phone: 0092 21 4546770
Fax: 0092 21 4526957
e-mail: papp@papp.org.pk
Website: www.papp.org.pk
President: Raeef Ahmed
Delegate: Shehla Naseem

Philippine College of Pharmaceutical Medicine (PCPM)
Founded: 1969
84-A Malakas Street
Brgy. Pinyahan, Quezon City
Phone: 00632 5868964
e-mail: pcpm_phils@yahoo.com.ph
President: Francis Domingo
Delegate: Chinnie Tan

Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine Singapore
Founded: 2006
President: Aileen Dualan


Gesellschaft für Pharmazeutische Medizin (GPMed)
Founded: 1993
Kölblgasse 8 – 10
A-1030 WIEN
e-mail: office.gpmedaustria@gmail.com
Website: www.gpmed.at
President and delegate: Christian Baumgartner

Belgian Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians (BeAPP)
Founded: 1972
Kerkstraat 108
B-9050 Gentbrugge
e-mail: info@beapp.be
Website: www.beapp.be
President: Erik Present
Delegate: Dominique Dubois

Danish Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians (OLE/DAPP)
Founded: 1957
Trondhjemsgade 9
DK-2100 Copenhagen
Phone: 0045 35 44 8500
Fax: 0045 35 44 8585
e-mail: fas@dadl.dk
Website: www.dadlnet.dk 
President and delegate: Frank Bringstrup

Association des Métiers Médicaux des Industries de Santé (AMMIS)
Francois Xavier Frapaise MD President and Delegate
Address: 10 rue de Remusat, 75016 Paris (France)

Finnish Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians (SuLL/FiAPP)
President: Juhana J. Idänpään-Heikkilä
Delegate: Kristiina Kuismanen

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pharmazeutische Medizin e.V. (DGPharMed e.V.)
Founded: 1973
Panoramastr. 1
D-10178 Berlin
Phone: 0049 (0)30 555 798 55
Fax: 0049 (0)30 555 798 56
e-mail: info@dgpharmed.de
Website: www.dgpharmed.de
President: Christoph Gleiter
Delegate: Michael Hübschen

Hellenic Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (ELEFI)
Founded: 1992
Maiandou 23
11528 Athens
Phone: 0030 210 721 1845
Fax: 0030 210 722 6100
e-mail: president@elefi.gr
Website: www.elefi.gr
President and delegate: Varvara Baroutsou

Hungarian Society of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
Section of Pharmaceutical Medicine
Founded: 2018
Address: Dr. Sandor Kerpel-Fronius
Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy
Semmelweis University
Nagyvárad tér 4
1089 Budapest
Email: kerpel-fronius.sandor@med.semmelweis-univ.hu
Website: www.mapharm.hu
President: Kerpel-Frónius Sándor
Delegate: Kata Mazalin

Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians of Ireland (APPI)
Founded: 1993
e-mail: info@pharmaceuticalphysicians.ie
Website: www.pharmaceuticalphysicians.ie
President and delegate: Anthony Chan

Società Italiana di Medicina Farmaceutica (SIMeF)
Italian Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine
Founded: 1964
Viale Abruzzi 32
I-20131 Milan
Phone: 0039 02 295 36444
Fax: 0039 02 890 58506
e-mail: segreteria@simef.it
Website: www.simef.it
President: Marco Romano
Delegate: Domenico Criscuolo

Dutch Association for Pharmaceutical Medicine (NVFG)
Founded: 1962
Kuipersweg 2T
3449 JA Woerden
Phone: +31 348 489 302
Fax: +31 348 489 301
e-mail: info@nvfg.nl
Website: www.nvfg.nl
President: Marc Kaptein
Delegate: Rudolf van Olden

Associação dos Médicos Portugueses da Indústria Farmacêutica (AMPIF)
Founded: 1989
Av Almirante Gago Coutinho 151, 1749-084 Lisboa
Phone: 00351 21 446 5803
Fax: 00351 21 361 3665
e-mail: secretariado@ampif.pt
Website: www.ampif.pt
President: Paula Martins de Jesus
Delegate: Ana Rita Lima

Societatea de Medicina Farmaceutica din Romania (SOMFAR)
Founded: 2003
2 Rapsodiei Street, Timisoara, 300732, Romania
Phone: 00 40 356101637
e-mail: bt@clinicaltrial.ro
Website: www.somfar.ro
President and Delegate: Beniamin Tabacaru, MD

Serbian Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians (SFM)
Srpsko lekarsko drustvo/ Djordja Washingtona 19
YU-11000 Belgrade
President and delegate: Milica Prostran

Asociación de Medicina de la Industria Farmaceutica Española (AMIFE)
Founded: 1975
Janina Ohnhaus
Calle Castelló,128 7ªplanta
28006 Madrid (SPAIN)
T.+34 913836000 ext. 5133
F.+34 913023926
President: Guadalupe Martinez, MD
Delegate: Anna Jurczynska

Swiss Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (SGPM/SSPM)
Founded: 1996
CH-8050 Zürich
Website: www.sgpm.ch
President: Martin Traber
Delegate: Tanja Wimmer

Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals (SwAPP)
Founded: 1995
e-mail: swapp@swapp.ch
Website: www.swapp.ch
President and delegate: Mirjam Eglin

United Kingdom
British Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians (BrAPP)
Founded: 1957
Royal Station Court/ Station Road Twyford
RG 10 9NF Reading
Phone: 0044 118 934 1943
Fax: 0044 118 932 0981
e-mail: info@brapp.org
Website: www.brapp.org

Latin america

Sociedad Argentina de Medicina Farmacéutica (SAMEFA)
Founded: 1970
Marcelo T. de Alvear 2270 1º piso
C1122AAJ – Buenos Aires
Phone: 0054 11 4966 2800
e-mail: info@samefa.org
Website: www.samefa.org
President: Nestor Lago
Delegate: Luis Francisco Collia

Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Farmacêutica (SBMF)
Founded: 1972
Rua Pamplona 788, 3 andar – Sala 32
01405 – 001 São Paulo – SP
Phone: phone: +55 11 3253 2848
Fax: fax: +55 11 3253 2848
e-mail: sbmf@sbmf.org.br
Website: www.sbmf.org.br
President: Wellington Briques
Delegate: Charles Schmidt

Asociacion de Medicos Especialistas en la Industria Farmaceutica, AC (AMEIFAC)
Av. Cuahtemoc No. 1481, Col Santa Cruz Atoyac.
Del-Benito Juarez AME 9209154H5 Mexico D.F.
e-mail: info@ameifac.com.mx
Website: www.ameifac.com.mx

Peruvian Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine (APEMEFA)
Founded: 2008
Odicio Mariano Calle 485
San Antonio – Miraflores Lima 27
Phone: +51 (0)511-4469975
Fax: +51 (0)511-4443600
e-mail: apemefa@gmail.com
President: Ernesto Huayta
Delegate: Nicolas Sandoval

north america

United States of America
Academy of Physicians in Clinical Resarch (APCR )
Founded: 1993
99, Canal Center Plaza Suite 200
VA 22314 Alexandria
Phone: 001 703 254 8100
Fax: 001 703 254 8101
e-mail: office@apcrnet.org
Website: www.apcrnet.org
President: Robert Hardi
Delegate: Honorio Silva 


Australia Pharmaceutical medical & scientific Professionals Association (APPA)
Suite 802, 28 Clarke Street
Crows Nest, NSW 2065
Phone: 00612 8905 0829
e-mail: appa.australia@gmail.com
Website: www.appa.net.au
President and delegate: Paul Theron



Individual IFAPP membership is open to all those who wish to be part of and contribute to the international community of pharmaceutical medicine and drug development sciences.

If you belong to a National Member Association (NMA), you receive automatic IFAPP membership. If you are not an NMA member, we invite you to apply for individual IFAPP membership.

Benefits of becoming an IFAPP Individual Affiliate:

  • Being a member of an International Organization respected worldwide
  • Participate in its governance
  • Join, lead, or create specific working groups within the Federation aimed to advance Pharmaceutical Medicine as a discipline and Profession
  • Create or participate in discussion blogs/forum at the IFAPP website
  • Based on experience contribute to the International Conference in Pharmaceutical Medicine as Faculty or Session Chair
  • Attend at discounted rates the IFAPP International Conferences and obtain:
    • Direct interaction with Peers
    • Update on the evolution of the various functions for pharmaceutical physicians and drug development scientists
    • Career advice (as appropriate)
    • Access to a wealth of relevant, updated Information on pharmaceutical medicine and its emerging disciplines
  • In addition, being an IFAPP Individual member would provide:
    • Discounted tuition fees for training programs offered by the IFAPP Academy
    • Obtain Professional Certification with specific credentials and use of post-nominal letters (by participating in specific training and vocational programs)

The cost of individual IFAPP membership is 30 Euros for those residing in Europe and 30 USD for those residing in other parts of the world.

To request membership, please download and complete the Individual Membership Application form and then email it along with a copy of your CV to:


To learn more about the process involved in becoming an individual IFAPP member, you may refer to our Standard Operating Procedure for Individual Affiliation.

We look forward to working with you!




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