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Specialist in Medicines Development Program Enters Pilot Phase

The Specialist in Medicines Development (SMD) is a competency based workplace centered education and training program, comprising a knowledge based section aimed for the prospective participant to gain the required applied knowledge of the core competencies  and a vocational program aimed to gain the skills, behaviors and attitudes to become a fully competent professional in pharmaceutical medicine/medicines development.  

The knowledge based section is based on the PharmaTrain syllabus. Prospective students which have already received postgraduate training from PharmaTrain or IFAPP accredited programs can enter directly at the vocational phase.

Participants would   acquire competence  within a frame work of assessment, appraisal and annual review of progress and achievement supported by a strong team of locally based tutors. On completion participants achieve the Specialist in Medicines Development Certification awarded jointly by PharmaTrain and IFAPP.  Pilot experiences are currently conducted in Italy and Japan, under the coordination of the respective national members associations. The total duration of the program is variable, depending on the candidate’s previous experience and competence profile, though it is estimated to be completed in a two to four year period.

For further information please visit the respective websites:

SSFA (Italy)  

JAPhMed (Japan)