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New issue IFAPP WORLD 2016-1

IFAPP is proud to present you the first IFAPP WORLD issue in 2016 (click here)

The report on the “IFAPP-Rutgers and PharmaTrain Certification and Specialization Programs in Medical Affairs and Clinical Development” might be of particular interest and value. As stated on page 1 “IFAPP (with the support of the BioPharma Educational Program at Rutgers University) and PharmaTrain are entitled to provide professional certification in a two-step process […] through online continuing professional development (CPD) [and] a vocational program […] on country-by-country bases.

The full IFAPP WORLD article provides a detailed description of this program.
And you will also find testimonials from supporters for this IFAPP-Rutgers and PharmaTrain programs.

Further, colleagues provide two reports from IFAPP national member associations (Spain and Singapore), an ethical consideration, and “A Case of Medical History – The Disaster of Bari Harbor”.

Last but not least – please note the Program Summary of the International Conference on Pharmaceutical Medicine – ICPM 2016 (page 5) – which will be held on April 18-19, 2016 in São Paulo, Brazil.

We wish you an interesting reading and look forward to your comments and contributions.