SBMF 50 years

The Brazilian Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine (SBMF) celebrates 50 years of existence this year.

The history of the SBMF is intertwined with the history of the pharmaceutical industry in Brazil. Since the beginning, its members have always praised the importance of medical-scientific activity, including clinical research and ethics as fundamental pillars for the development of innovative medicines, in the search for cures and unmet medical needs. From the beginning, its members have built a bridge between the Pharmaceutical Industry and health authorities, as well as with medical associations, to bring innovative and reliable scientific information. In the other way, we brought inside the Pharmaceutical Industry the society’s wishes for a conduct of excellence in ethics and compliance. We are now key players in managing appropriate solutions for access to medicines, teaching our peers about ever-changing legislation, and providing scientific data to authorities to increase the availability of innovative treatments in the public and private healthcare system.

Join us in celebrating 50 years of the SBMF.