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IFAPP is comprised of the leading professional associations in the fields of Pharmaceutical Medicine and medicines development.


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IFAPP collaborates and coordinates with key players in the fields of pharmaceutical medicine and medicines development

Certification Working Group

CCWG works collaboratively in the development and delivery of relevant and recognised education and training in PM/MDS for the benefit of IFAPP’s professional membership.

Events, Meetings & Conferences

Autumn 2019

European Meeting in Athens, Greece

The meeting planned for October 2019 to take place in Athens, Greece, is a follow-up to the meeting held at Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary, in November 2018. It serves to further consolidate the networking and exchange of information of National Member Organisations (NMAs) in Europe. Invitees will be NMA Presidents or Delegates.

• Revitalize the role of IFAPP in fostering Pharmaceutical Medicine as a scientific discipline and profession in Europe
• Increase awareness on the value of education, certification, accreditation, and competencies: IFAPP Academy and various academic course providers
• Align initiatives to achieving centralized professional certification
• Reconnect with European NMAs
• Celebrate the creation of new NMAs
• Create a European Working Group aimed at advancing critical objectives
• Foster internal and external collaborations.

Second half of 2019

Meeting in the Asian Region

A meeting with National Member Associations (NMAs) in this region including countries such as Japan, Korea, Pakistan and Australia is being planned for the second half of 2019. It will be provided on WebEx and hopefully delivered more than once to accommodate the scheduling conflict of potential participants.

The rationale for this special regional meeting is to listen to the voices of these NMAs with regard to different time schedules so that the opportunity for communication exchange can be maximized. As this is a widely expanded region with different background, the professionalism in Pharmaceutical Medicine is yet to be established region-wide. In this meeting IFAPP hopes to learn about the individual environments first in order to plan future collaborations.

25-26 March 2020

ICPM 2020

Arrivederci a Roma!

The next ICPM (International Conference on Pharmaceutical Medicine) will be held in Rome in spring 2020. As usual it will be organized in collaboration with the local association, SIMeF (Italian Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine).

The Presidents of ICPM2020 will be Kyoko Imamura from Japan (the current IFAPP President who will complete her mandate during this ICPM) and Marco Romano from Italy (the President elect who will start his role during ICPM).

The Conference title is Patient-centered Medicines Development: Facts and Expectations. We want to underline the important contributions that patient associations are offering for a more targeted process of drug development.

The Conference will last for two days, and will have plenary sessions in the mornings and two parallel sessions in the afternoons. We will take the opportunity of this gathering to offer specific awards:

  • “Hero in Pharmaceutical Medicine” to two distinguished professionals who contributed to the dissemination of the culture in Pharmaceutical Medicine;
  • Diplomas of the IFAPP Academy to the students of the 2019 cohort of the Medical Affairs training course (in collaboration with King’s College, London, UK) who passed their examinations and prepared a good thesis
  • SMD (Specialists in Medicine Development) Certificates for students who completed this additional on-the-job training (Japan and Italy only).

ICPM2020 will take place on 25 and 26 March 2020 in Rome, Italy.

Follow us on LinkedIn for ICPM 2020: Mark your calendars and join us in lively discussions.

Past Events

Traffic on Széchenyi Chain bridge over Danube river, Budapest city, Hungary. Night scene
27-29 November 2018

European Meeting in Budapest

From 27-29 November 2018 IFAPP organized a workshop on "Advancing Pharmaceutical Medicine in Europe: Helping and Hindering Factors" in Budapest, Hungary. IFAPP initiatives were discussed: The Ethics Framework, Postgraduate Education on Pharmaceutical Medicine, Aiming for Certification in Pharmaceutical Medicine, National Member Associations: Best Practices in Pharmaceutical Medicine. Almost all Presidents or Delegates from the European National Member Associations participated as well as representatives from Regulatory Medicines Agencies, course providers, and members of Academia.

Tokyo, Japan Sumida River skyline at dusk.
27 and 28 September 2018

Recollection of ICPM 2018 in Tokyo, Japan, for the Future

On September 27th and 28th, 2018, the 19th ICPM (International Conference oF Pharmaceutical Medicine) was held in Tokyo, entitled ‘The Future of Medicines Development’. This was the second ICPM hosted in the Asian region, developed as a collaborating effort of IFAPP and the Japanese Member Association JAPhMed (Japanese Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine).


Kicked off with special lectures given by representatives of the World Medical Association (WMA) and the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, followed by several symposia (Regulatory Sciences, Education in Pharmaceutical Medicine and Clinical Research) and a panel discussion on Medical Affairs and Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), active discussions took place in eight workshops (Innovations in Clinical Trials, Ethics in Medicines Development, Access to Medicines, Patient-centered Medicines Development, Changing Environment in Pharmacovigilance, Good Publication Practices, Big Data in Medicines Development, and Best Practices in Pharmaceutical Medicine).


As a highlight of this international meeting, an awarding ceremony was conducted with an applauding crowd of participants to honor and appreciate the achievements and contributions of distinguished people in the promotion of Pharmaceutical Medicine (Heroes in Pharmaceutical Medicine, IFAPP-King’s College Certification, Specialist in Medicines Development, and Special Awards).


ICPM has always been one of the best international opportunities to meet people with shared interests and discuss a variety of issues in Pharmaceutical Medicine including standard subjects such as Education and Ethics as well as new topics and trends in Clinical Trial Innovations and Risk Management. The next ICPM has been scheduled to take place in Rome, Italy, in spring 2020.