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The PharmaTrain Syllabus

The PharmaTrain Syllabus for Pharmaceutical Medicine / Medicines Development Science (Version 2.0) 2018

IFAPP, the PharmaTrain Federation (PTF) and The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the UK Royal Colleges of Physicians (FPM)  jointly sponsored the revision and update of the  2010 PharmaTrain Syllabus (2010 Syllabus) through a project group coordinated by the FPM during 2017. The output, the 2018 PharmaTrain Syllabus (2018 Syllabus), was published in December 2017 and came into effect in January 2018.

The 2018 Syllabus, which has a development history of over 40 years, provides the knowledge base for the discipline of pharmaceutical medicine and is used worldwide by universities, professional bodies and course providers to design curricula and run courses and examinations in pharmaceutical medicine.

 The 2018 Syllabus has 13 Sections and comprises 170 Items; during the revision and update work, some 75% of Items of the 2010 Syllabus were subject to alteration: update, revision, editing. Several new Items were added and others were deleted. As a result the 2018 Syllabus represents a thoroughly revised and renewed knowledge base for the discipline of pharmaceutical medicine / medicines development science today.

 This is presented here in two documents:

  • The 2018 Syllabus itself and
  • A Syllabus Change document, detailing the exact changes made to the 2010 Syllabus.  

Please note that the 2018 Syllabus is currently undergoing a further revision.

Encs (click the links below to view the pdfs)

The 2018 PharmaTrain Syllabus

The Syllabus Change document, 2010 to 2018