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National Member Associations

IFAPP consists of the leading professional associations in pharmaceutical medicine and drug development.


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IFAPP collaborates and coordinates with key players in the fields of pharmaceutical medicine and medicines development

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CCWG works collaboratively in the development and delivery of relevant and recognised education and training in PM/MDS for the benefit of IFAPP’s professional membership.

Members and Individual Affiliates

IFAPP is comprised of the leading professional associations in the fields of Pharmaceutical Medicine and medicines development. These National Member Associations (NMAs) pay dues to support IFAPP’s work and guide its efforts by participating in its working groups and naming representatives to IFAPP’s House of Delegates.

If you wish to contact any NMA below please get in touch with:

IFAPP secretariat
p/a Business2gether
Leidsestraatweg 41-D
3443 BP  Woerden
The Netherlands
E-mail: secretariat@ifapp.org
Phone: +31 6 2291 1039

Chamber of Commerce: 30224375

1 National Member Associations

The National Member Associations are listed below in alphabetical order by continent and country.



Japanese Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine (JAPhMed)
Founded: 1968
Website: www.japhmed.jp
President: Kazuya Iwamoto
Delegate: Chieko Kurihara

Korean Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (KSPM)
Founded: 1995
Website: www.kspm.org
President: Seong-Sik Kang
Delegate: Younglm Kim

Philippine College of Pharmaceutical Medicine (PCPM)
Founded: 1969
President: Jonas Policarpio
Delegate: Chinnie Tan

Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine Singapore
Founded: 2006
Website: www.apmsingapore.org
President: Ajay Tiku
Delegate: Alan McDougall



Gesellschaft für Pharmazeutische Medizin (GPMed)
Founded: 1993
Website: www.gpmed.at
President : Johannes Pleiner
Delegate: Ghazaleh Gouya-Lechner

Founded: 2020
Website: www.healixia.be
President: Erik Present
Delegate: Koen Raeymaekers

Bulgarian Association for Drug Information (BADI)
Founded: 2010
Website: www.badibg.org
President and Delegate: Tatyana Benisheva

Czech Republic
Asociace Farmaceutické Medicíny (AFM), Z.S.
Founded: 2017
Website: www.farmed.cz
President: Ondrej Slanar
Delegate: Jiri Paseka

Danish Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians (OLE/DAPP)
Founded: 1957
Website: www.dadlnet.dk 
President and Delegate: Frank Bringstrup

Finnish Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians (SuLL/FiAPP)
Website: https://suomenlaakealanlaakarit.yhdistysavain.fi/saannot/
President: Juhana J. Idänpään-Heikkilä
Delegate: Kristiina Kuismanen

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pharmazeutische Medizin e.V. (DGPharMed e.V.)
Founded: 1973
Website: www.dgpharmed.de
President: Holger Adelmann
Delegate: Simone Breitkopf

Hellenic Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (ELEFI)
Founded: 1992
Website: www.elefi.gr
President: Varvara Baroutsou
Delegate: Veronique Schaaf

Hungarian Society of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
Section of Pharmaceutical Medicine
Founded: 2018
Website: www.mapharm.hu
President: Kerpel-Frónius Sándor
Delegate: Kata Mazalin

Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians of Ireland (APPI)
Founded: 1993
Website: www.pharmaceuticalphysicians.ie
President and Delegate: Anthony Chan

Società Italiana di Medicina Farmaceutica (SIMeF)
Italian Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine
Founded: 1964
Website: www.simef.it
President: Marie-Georges Besse
Delegate: Salvatore Bianco

The Netherlands
Dutch Association for Pharmaceutical Medicine (NVFG)
Founded: 1962
Website: www.nvfg.nl
President: Marc Kaptein
Delegate: Kwinten Bosman

Associação dos Médicos Portugueses da Indústria Farmacêutica (AMPIF)
Founded: 1989
Website: www.ampif.pt
President: Paula Martins de Jesus
Delegate: Ana Rita Lima

Societatea de Medicina Farmaceutica din Romania (SOMFAR)
Founded: 2003
Website: www.somfar.ro
President and Delegate: Beniamin Tabacaru

Asociación de Medicina de la Industria Farmaceutica Española (AMIFE)
Founded: 1975
President: Isabel Sánchez-Magro
Delegate: Anna Jurczynska


Swiss Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (SGPM/SSPM)
Founded: 1996
Website: www.sgpm.ch
President and Delegate: Martin Traber

Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals (SwAPP)
Founded: 1995
Website: www.swapp.ch
President : Frank van den Ouweland
Delegate: Dorothee Heer

Turkish Working Group of Pharmaceutical Medicine
Founded: 2020
Website: www.biyoteknolojikilaclardernegi.org
President: Zafer Guney
Delegate: Ilker Gelisen



Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Farmacêutica (SBMF)
Founded: 1972
Website: www.sbmf.org.br
President: Helio Osmo
Delegate: Charles Schmidt




Interested in learning about the pharmaceutical industry in other parts of the world? IFAPP's NMAs and Individual Affiliates (see below) can post about their experiences and share best practices.

IFAPP will be delighted to receive news and updates from NMAs from around the world to exchange experiences and information from their respective countries. For posting such information, please get in touch with secretariat@ifapp.org. Such information will then be posted in News & Posts.



Austrian Society for Pharmaceutical Medicine (GPMed): AGES (Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety) Best Inspectee Award – Acknowledging High Quality in Austrian Clinical Research

First Belgian Medical Affairs Day

The University of Tokyo Names Kyoko Imamura as Professor

Philippine College of Pharmaceutical Medicine

ECPM Diploma Course in Pharmaceutical Medicine



In addition to NMAs IFAPP is represented by Individual Affiliates in the following countries:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, China, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, UK, and USA.

IFAPP values global networking and is keen to learn about innovative and best practices. IFAPP also looks forward to receiving applications from colleagues to become Individual Affiliates.

Individual membership is open to all those who wish to be part of and contribute to the international community of Pharmaceutical Medicine and drug development sciences.

You may choose to become an Individual Affiliate in addition to your membership in your NMA as that would enable you to vote at General Assembly meetings (but not at the House of Delegates meetings which you could not do as a member of an NMA unless you are the national delegate in the House of Delegates).

As an Individual Affiliate you can also be elected to the Board of Directors. In addition you can obtain Professional Certification with specific credentials and use of post-nominal letters.

The annual fee of individual IFAPP membership is 30 Euro for those residing in Europe and 30 USD for those residing in other parts of the world.

To learn more about the process involved in becoming an individual IFAPP member, you may also request our Standard Operating Procedure for Individual Affiliation.

To apply for membership, please request the Application to become an Individual Affiliate form from the Secretariat as below, fill it in and email it together with a copy of your Curriculum Vitae.

Address: secretariat@ifapp.org

We look forward to working with you!