I am IFAPP: Brigitte Franke-Bray

Why am I IFAPP? Why am I member of a National Member Association of IFAPP and also an Individual Affiliate?

Over the course of my career, I have gained many years of experience in areas important to IFAPP: I have been a member of a Swiss Member Association since its inauguration and was a board member for 22 years. I was chosen to organise the annual Swiss Symposium, which I have been doing with a colleague from the Basel University for 20 years, introducing me to the teaching side of pharmaceutical medicine. I was also on the organising committee of ICPM 2004 in Geneva and the Swiss delegate for IFAPP’s House of Delegates for many years and have been a member of IFAPP’s Communication Working Group for some time, so I know IFAPP very well.

Additionally, I became IFAPP Treasurer in 2018 and now also provide support to IFAPP’s Education and Ethics Working Groups. As you can see, I’m quite involved! All of these commitments are time-consuming, something I especially felt while working full time, but I believe in IFAPP’s Mission and Vision (find this on IFAPP’s website) and so continue to work hard for the organisation.

Continued training and education in Pharmaceutical Medicine goes beyond the mandatory learning required of professionals working in the field of developing medicines. Regular networking with colleagues around the globe and exchanging information are an absolute MUST, but should also be enjoyable, something we strive to provide at IFAPP. These kinds of platforms for learning and knowledge exchange are especially important in pandemic times, as we are experiencing currently on a daily basis – this is why I am IFAPP!