New tracking tool for EMA’s relocation to Amsterdam


New tracking tool for EMA’s relocation to Amsterdam

Tool gives transparent overview of main milestones and work stream deliverables*


The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has published a new tool showing the main milestones and deliverables for the Agency’s move to Amsterdam. Because of its important role to safeguard public and animal health in the European Union (EU), EMA is committed to giving stakeholders and the public full visibility of the relocation project. The tracking tool will allow all interested parties to follow the progress made.

EMA will move from London to Amsterdam before 29 March 2019, when the United Kingdom withdraws from the EU. The Dutch authorities have committed to building completely new, tailor-made premises for EMA in the Zuidas business district which are expected to be available from 15 November 2019. For an interim period until the new building is complete, EMA will occupy temporary premises in the Sloterdijk area of Amsterdam. The success of EMA’s relocation is dependent on a number of activities which need to take place in the context of these two consecutive moves.

Following the EU27 decision to relocate EMA to Amsterdam, a joint governance structure was agreed between EMA and the Netherlands with five work streams relating to the temporary and permanent premises, staff relocation, financial and legal aspects, and external communication.

The tracking tool first gives a general overview of the main milestones agreed for each of the work streams, with the exception of external communication, which is an ad-hoc activity dependent on the progress made with the other work streams. It then outlines in more detail the deliverables for each work stream, highlighting clearly if we are on track to meet them. These timelines are interactive, and users may find more information by hovering their mouse over each pinned deliverable.

The tracking tool is a living document, in which milestones may be added as the project progresses. It will be updated every month.

Click here to view the link for the Tracking tool (interactive PDF version)

* Changes were introduced in the tracking tool on 7 March 2018 to clarify certain milestones and to reflect milestones at the level of the EU institutions. For best results viewing the PDF document, use Acrobat Reader or Chrome web browser.

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