“New Trends of Research Ethics”

The IFAPP Ethics Working Group (https://ifapp.org/working-groups/ethics-and-professionalism) is delighted to share with you the summary of the Presidential Symposium of the Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics held in Tokyo on 4 December 2019 on the topic of “International Collaborative Research and New Trends of Research Ethics”. You can access the proceedings in the journal Rinsho Hyoka (Clinical Evaluation) at http://cont.o.oo7.jp/48_1/48_1contents_e.html.

Amongst others, there were presentations and discussions by Dr. Otmar Kloiber (Secretary General, World Medical Association [WMA]), Dr. Dirceu Greco (Professor Emeritus, Minas Gerais University, Brazil), Prof. Kyoko Imamura, (IFAPP President) and Prof. Chieko Kurihara, member of the IFAPP Ethics Working Group.

Extensive discussions took place on secondary data-driven research, the place of placebo in randomized clinical trials, and post-trial access of medicinal candidates before marketing authorization.

These latest trends of research ethics prompted the IFAPP Ethics Working Group to raise these issues with WMA, on potential amendments of the Declaration of Helsinki.

We welcome all stakeholders in the research ethics community to engage and participate in the discussion with us.

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