As part of its annual activities, the French Association des Métiers Médicaux des Industries de Santé (AMMIS – French Association of Medical Professions in the Health Industries) organized on May 14, 2020 a webinar about the topic “Medical Science Liaison (MSL): evolution and expectations of the profession”.

With the moderation of Dr Epaïnète GAWA, member of the board of directors of AMMIS, Dr Chahrazed Dib-Smahi and Dr Ludovic Jube, working respectively at Sanofi laboratory and at the recruitment firm Altigapharma, were the two speakers of the webinar.

Dr Chahrazed DIB-SMAHI, MSL and FBM (Field Based Medical) effectiveness lead, shared her professional experience, the missions of MSL, and the French national recommendations on the profession.

Dr Ludovic JUBE, consultant, provided information on the recruitment of MSL, the requests from pharmaceutical industries, the profile sought, the salary and the benefits of being an MSL.

About fifty professionals from different companies with various backgrounds attended this one hour-long webinar which ended with a question and answer sessions that enabled participants to be advised according to their concerns about access to the profession and career development. This webinar confirmed the interest of the role of MSL in the health industries, and the fact that the profession has evolved and continues to adapt to the needs of companies. However, the evolution of the MSL towards headquarter positions remains an important concern due to the regional mobility, and the attendees expressed their interest in having experience in several therapeutic areas.

The recording of the webinar, available on the AMMIS website, is accessible to the members of the association in their private area. Membership of AMMIS gives the right to attend all annual activities that will be organized, including the next webinar scheduled for June 30, on the topic “Clinical trials in silico”.