On 6th May 2019  the Brazilian Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (SBMF), in partnership with Takeda, held a meeting with Patient Associations and the Pharmaceutical Industry in order to discuss the challenges of the Patient Advocacy in Brazil.

About 70 professionals participated in the discussions of successful cases presented by Gustavo San Martin (Multiple Sclerosis Association; AME), Tiago Farina (Oncoguia), Regina Próspero (Rare Diseases Association; Vidas Raras), Vanessa Pirolo (Juvenile Diabetes Association; ADJ), Marilia Casseb (Gilead), Elaine Braga (BMS), Fabiana Abrusio (Astrazeneca) and Milena Ramos (Pfizer), moderated by Dr Charles Schmidt (SBMF) and Ana Paula Neves (Takeda).

The meeting also featured a keynote presentation of Dr Emilia Arrighi (Professor at Universidad Austral, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences; patient advocacy specialist) talking about “Patient Advocacy: Concept and Models in the World” with the moderation of Dr Gustavo Kesselring from SBMF.

At the end debates and conclusions were moderated by Theo Ruprecht, Editor of the Health Magazine of Editora Abril.

Besides the important exchange of experiences, information and networking, the meeting also brought new challenges and goals to be sought from then on. SBMF will be close to all participants supporting and mediating important conversations to make their work more effective and with better results.

The next meeting is planned for IIQ in 2020 with the objective of presenting the evolution achieved and an opening dialogue with other entities like the Ministry of Health to participate in patient advocacy discussions in Brazil.